China - Huang-He River Valley (Current Events)
Link: This is a modern map of China featuring the Yellow River

By: Mary Kate Hannon and Jane Anne Darken(click the music link first)

The Yellow River is the second largest river in China, after the Yantze River. Although It is called "The Cradle of Chinese Civilization," devastating floods occur regularly, due to the elevated river bed. The reason the the river gets its name, is because of the yellow silt that flows through the water. The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam the spans to the Yantze River. It is the worlds largest electricity plant of any kind. Even though it is the largest electricity plant, it releases Greenhouse gases, and dust into the air and water, causing pollution.

On this link click on Yellow River and the Yantze River to the left.

images.jpeg /redirect.php?gid=2&tid=638696&goto=lastpost This is a Picture of the Three Gorges Dam that is causing so much polution.
96.jpg This is a picture of the yellow river flooding.