Huang-He River Valley

(Current Events)

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In this wiki there is information, links, and pictures relating to Huang-he River Valley current events. On the topic of the Huang-he River Valley there is much to learn about the Three Gorges Dam and the Yangtze or Yellow Rivers. In this wiki we will give information on all three of them. The Three Gorges dam is a very controversial subject and some say that it is even affecting the climate. Both the Yangtze and Yellow rivers have serious current events which relate to the world today. These subjects are what we are going to talk about on this wiki.

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The Three Gorges Dam-
Spanning the Yangtze river, the Three Gorges Dam is well known to be the largest dam ever built, as well as the worlds largest hydropower project. This project is known to have forcibly moved over 1.2 million people and shockingly was planned to flood 13 cities, 140 towns and around 1300 villages. This enormous project is 1.24 miles from end to end and 610 feet high. It flooded more than 200,000 miles of cropland and forest and some say that the dam is an ecological disaster. Although not yet proven, some say that the dam will have negative ecological effects for hundreds of years to come. As well as it's ecological effects many claim that, due to the sheer size and amount of water passing through it that it will soon collapse. That is some information on the current subject of the Three Gorges Dam
The Yangtze River-
Located in the Huang-he River Valley, the Yangtze river has serious current events which it is related to. As of now, there are many reports of landslides on the Yangtze River, many experts believe that this is because the Three Gorges Dam is putting a significant amount of pressure on the surrounding hillsides. With flooding already prevalent in the area, many believe that the increased flooding caused by the dam will cause another flooding like in 1998. Leaving thousands dead and millions homeless. That is some information on the current events of the Yangtze River.
The Yellow River.
Located in the Huang-he River Valley the Yellow River is feeling extreme environmental stress. The 5464 km long river is being seriously polluted by riverside factories and human sewage. Recent reports have shown that 1/3 of the river has become so polluted that they are no longer fit for any use. These reports have shown that 4.29 tons of sewage have been dumped into the yellow river. This disturbing information shows us the recent affects of China's industry on the Yellow River. That is some information on the current events of the Yellow River.
A shot of one of the aftermath of one of the landslides of the Yangtze River.
an ariel image of the Three Gorges Dam
An image of the yellow river
A map of the Huang-he River Valley

1. Will the Three Gorges Dam continue to cause flooding and landslides along the Huang-he River Valley?
2. Will the Chinese be able to control the pollution going into the Yellow river?
3. Are there going to be more environmental effects from the Three Gorges Dam, and the dams to come on the Yangtze river?