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China - Huang-He River Valley Civilization (Ancient History) Period 2

By : Beau Allen and John O'Dell

Yellow River By : Elton John

This is the yellow river. It is located in China. It was and still is the cradle of Chinese civilization. It is also sometimes called the mother river because it is praised by the chinese. The reason they call it the
yellow river is because the water
looks yellow because of the rock
s and objects in the river base.
It runs through many main cities
including Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, and
Jinan. It brings water to more than
12% of china and has had
agriculture on its bank for more
than 7,00 years.
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the orange
section of slide two and slides 52-67.
Background Information

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Yellow river history and G eography

A few things to think about:
Why did the people of the Yellow River Civilization first begin to travel in that direction?
Where were the people of the Yellow River Civilization coming from in the first place and why did they leave?
What language did the people speak? Was it chinese or some other native language that they had developed themselves?