1. Corinth established a monarchy so their city-state was ruled by a king.

2. The Corinthians made foreigners exchange their money for Corinthian currency. They charged a fee for this and made a good profit from it.

3.The city-state was supposedly founded by Corinthious, a decended of the god Helios(The Sun)

4.The first attempt the dorians made to settle in Corinth they failed, but the second try was a success.

5. Corinth was on a coastal region, so they decided to make the most of their location and often used the Medetaranian Sea for trade.

6. Corinth acted as a mediater when conflicts erupted between Athens and Thebes or Sparta.

7. By acting as a mediater the Corintians maintained their authority over the trading in that region.

8. The Corintians educated their boys in the arts and sciences even though it did not compare to teh education of Athenian boys.

9. Boys began learning at school, but around the age of seven they were sent to a day school near their home

10. All of the Corinthian boys were expected to attend military school for at least two years.

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