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Fakes and Originals:
What is Plaigarism?

  • Many wonderful authors, artists and musicians work very hard to produce their original work. In today's world it external image index2.gifis very easy to copy their work. We can make copies with a photocopier, burn CD's with music stolen off the Internet, and think nothing of adding pictures off the internet without giving credit to the artist or photographer.
  • In this lesson we are going to study an artist who lived before the advent of photocopiers and CD burners. His name was Jacopo di Poggibonsi and he lived in Europe in the Middle Ages. Jacopo was a FAKE. In order to increase his fame and fortune he copied the works of others.
  • Work with a partner to decide if what Jacopo di Poggibonsi did was legal or illegal. Take notes for a class discussion near the end of the period. If we are not done this will be the homework for Monday evening.
  • Begin your research at this web site:
  • Jacopo di PoggibonsiREMEMBER: All research should include several resources.

Do you trust everything you read in a book?
Do you trust everything you read on the internet?

  • In this project you are going to learn how to tell if a web site is reliable or just a waste of time.

Use the following list of websites for your review.

  1. Where is the country of Melchizedek?
  2. Which one is the real website of the World Trade Organization?
  3. How many people live in Ruritania?
  4. Which one is the official website of the United States White House?