High and Lows of World War 1 for Great Britain

By: Mary Kate Hannon, Ben Barrier, and Jane Anne Darken

What caused your country to enter World War 1?

Germany invaded Belgium in order to march into France.
Since Russia, Britain and France had an alliance called the Triple Entente. When Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia following the assassination of the heir-apparent to the throne of Austria-Hungary (Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria) Russia joined in to help Serbia per a separate agreement. Germany, allies of Austria-Hungary, then declared war on Russia and France and began to move troops through the neutral sovereign state of Belgium to attack France. The British were not obliged to help the French in the event of war and did declare war when German forces invaded Belgium on August 4 1914. Britain ordered Germany to withdraw immediately from Belgium, Germany refused and The United Kingdom declared war on Germany on the afternoon of August 4, 1914. The Treaty of London in 1937 meant that the sovereignty of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg was guaranteed. In the event of a major European Power invading it, Britain was obliged to help defend the small nations and on August 4, when Germany executed the Schrieffer plan via Belgium and Luxembourg Britain honored the Treaty and declared war on Germany.

Were the leaders/people of your country satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty at the end of World War 1? Explain.

There were several things that britain went into the paris peace confernce wanting:
  • Ensuring the security of France
  • Removing the threat of the german high seas float
  • Settling territorial contentions
  • Supporting the Wilsonian League of Nations
  • They wanted the German to not have to pay reperations
Majority of the goals of the British were acomplished in the Paris Peace Conferance. They only one that did not happen was that the Germans had reperations they had to pay that totaled around 33 million dollars. Although the Germans did have to pay, Great Britain was satisfied at the end of the paris peace conference.

What were the high points (best moments) and low points (worst moments) for your country DURING World War 1?

One of the main low points of World war one for Great Britain was the Battle of the Somme. Although the allies did gain twelve kilometers of land, the battle went on for five months. There were an immese amout of losses. The British along with the french lost six hunderd twenty thousand people in this battle alone. Because Germany also lost a lot of people, the five months of fighting was consitered a draw. www.historyonthenet.com/WW1/WW1_timeline.htm

The Battle of Amiens was one of the high points for Britain in WW1. It was the opening phase of the Allied offensive later known as the Hundred Days Offence that led to the end of WW1. Allied forces advanced over seven miles on the first day, one of the greatest advances of the war with Henry Rawlinson British Fourth Army. Another High point for Britain in world war one is the blockade they made against Germany. For a while in the begining of the war, they succeded in preventing not only war materials, but also food and medicine form entering Germany by boat.