High and Lows of World War 1 for Great Britain
By Thomas Green and Chandler Galvez

Required Background Information:

1. What caused your country to enter World War 1?
- Germany was trying to advance to France and invaded Belgium. Sir Edward Grey, Britain's Foreign Secretary, demanded that Germany to withdraw from neutral Belgium, and when Germany did not withdraw Great Britain declared war on Germany.

2. Were the leaders/people of your country satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty at the end of World War 1? Explain.
-Lloyd George was a well known politician in Great Britain, and he was the type of person who felt wanted revenge on Germany, but also the type of person to see beyond and visualize what they were going through. Great Britain was out for revenge towards Germany, and messages such as killing the kaiser, and make Germany pay, were two sayings in Great Britain that were widely seen immediately after World War I, and some would say that Lloyd George echo'd the image of Great Britain taking revenge. But there was a different side of him that not many people knew about. Lloyd Georges also knew that communism was spreading about in Russia, and that concerned him: not only for Great Britain, but for a lot of other countries, including Germany.Also, he knew that Germany was the only country that could stop the spread of communism. Germany definitely had to be punished for what they did, but not to the point where they are deprived of everything that they have. However, Lloyd George knew that these views of things would be the death of him, so he kept his thoughts of the war to himself.

3. What were the high points (best moments) and low points (worst moments) for your country DURING World War 1?
- Some of the high points of Great Britain during World War I included. Well first of all they knew they would need a big army and so they called for volunteers to serve in the army and navy, and tens of thousands of willing men showed up at recruiting stations. and in 1918 britain received much attention for having the largest navy in the world. And they had a few bad moments during the war like in 1915 they led an offensive hat resulted in 6 very bloody weeks that did not accomplish much. and lastly one other bad moment during the war for britain was that by the end of the war there were almost 1.9 million military casualties and about 37,000 died in the UK.