By: Ashley, Brittany, and Devo


1.) What caused the United States to enter World War 1?
There was a myriad of reasons that the US entered the war. One of the reason we were against Germany was because The Zimmerman Telegram. This encouraged us to enter the war because The German secretary Arthur Zimmerman was going to send a telegram to Mexico telling them that if they attacked the US they would get all the land the US took from them during the Mexican-American War. British intelligence intercepted the telegram and showed it to the US, which then caused us to enter the Great War. The U-boat attacks were another reason the US joined against Germany. Germany kept sending torpedoes out and they kept killing ships with Americans on them as well as other countries they were fighting against. President Wilson couldn’t get them to stop so he finally got sick of being attacked and had to show that they weren’t a weak country. The last reason for the US to join the fight against Germany was because France and the UK were buying goods from the US and if they lost the war then there isn’t a guarantee that Germany would continue buying goods from the US. So the United States joined to keep their banks aloft.

2.) Were the leaders/people of the United States satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty at the end of World War 1? Explain.

USA Government was very satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty to end the war. They were satisfied because they did not have to take fault for the war, and all the consequences were on Germany. Woodrow Wilson was not ok with the treaty because he had this whole proposition for the war, his 14 points. None of his idea came true, they kept getting shot down and nothing went the way he wanted. Great Britain did not like 13 out of his 14 points and the USA government didn’t like any of them at all. Woodrow wanted to have a peace treaty where there would be no winners and no losers and no one would have consequences. All the alliances wanted Germany to pay. They wanted Germany to be the main cause of Germany, because they just wanted to destroy it. The USA just signed the Treaty of Versailles to end the war and everything become better and more peaceful, even though Woodrow didn’t want to.

3. What were the high points (best moments) and low points (worst moments) for the United States DURING World War 1?

-One of the high points in the U.S. during “The Great War” was around the time of 1914 – 1918. At this time the United States emerged for the first time as the rival of Great Britain. It was safe to say that the U.S. overtook Britain. At this point the United States firmly ceased to be a debtor and became a creditor nation.
- During the time of the war ending, Woodrow Wilson helped persuade Europe to end the war using the Armistice agreement.

-Woodrow Wilson had fourteen points. Europe only accepted thirteen out of the

Fourteen points.
-During 1919 – 1920, rapid readjustments and demobilization produced social unrest in the United States.