High and Lows of World War 1 for [Russia]
By [Alex Semaj Abernathy and Jarvis Dominique Miller]

Required Background Information:

1. What caused your country to enter World War 1?
What caused Russia to enter world war one was the fact that we were allied with serbia and when austria declared war on the we mobilized are forces. We also were allied with france and we told them to mobilize with us.
2. Were the leaders/people of your country satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty at the end of World War 1? Explain.
Yes they were because they got returned land from germany taken during the war, they were allowed to operate whatever government they wanted,

3. What were the high points (best moments) and low points (worst moments) for your country DURING World War 1?
High points: 1.) The Russian revolution was high point during the war because it was the end of total monarchy and the beginning of democracy.

Low Points: 1.) The democracy was taken over by Lenin and the first communist government was formed.
2.) They had lost Poland to Germany in 1917.
3.) Germany had advanced 200 miles away from Moscow.
4.) Food supplies were low and soldiers were deserting.

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external image moz-screenshot-2.pngimages.jpg During The War images-1.jpg During Revolution