Indus River Valley Current Events
Authors: Devo, Rachel, and Alexandra

Many years ago, there was an ancient civilization in the Indus river valley floodplain. The ancient Indus people were very smart, and some say their cities were so advanced that their cities were upscale from other anctient civilations.

Because they live in the floodplain, and because of all the rain they have had recently, today, there is a huge flood that has killed many thousands of people, many are injured, and around 150,000 have evacuated Pakistan. The reason for the flood was that there were many monsoons and therefore they have expanded the river, submerging everything.The flood that the Indus River caused it brings misery rain or sun. When it rains it causes the river to flood more. When its sunny the humidity is so bad it’s hard to breathe. Everything people own is gone and so is their crops. Restoring all the damage is going to be very expensive, so most of the people are evacuating Pakistan.
"We are hopeful the flood will pass on to the delta without creating much trouble here," says a Pakistani official.
But through the expirience of the flood, the government has been thought of the people as a failure; they aren't doing their best to help people out.

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