Indus River Valley Civilization Ancient HistoryBy Brielle Smith and Alexandra FarnsworthIntroductory Paragraph:

The Indus River Valley Civilization began around 2300 BC. It was started around two major city areas just below the Himalayan Mountains and in modern Pakistan and Northeast India. We do not know much about their writing because they did not engrave into stones or put papyrus stones on their deceased’s tombs. All we do know is resulting from their inscriptions on their seals. The way their cities were built is so far advanced that it was not outdone until the late 19th century in Europe. The Indus Valley Civilization had a successful economy based on trade and agriculture. The Indus people used the rivers around them to their advantage, the Indus being the most amazing of the three rivers. The people made their living by farming wheat, six-row barley, melon seeds, oil crops like sesame and mustard, dates, and field peas being the only vegetable. The Indus people did hunt, mostly catching fish, but they also went for the wild animals being tigers, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants, just to list a few. They traded along their many rivers, which expanded their culture. At the end of the Indus River Valley civilization, the cities started to become weak, and the economy slowly declined. The irregular floods were, most likely, what tore apart the civilization for good.


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Origins of Indus writing
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Questions:How do you think that archaeologists found out so much about the culture of the Indus River Valley Civilization if they didn't engrave anything into their stones or leave barely any traces of how they lived? Why do you think that the Indus River Valley had such irregular floods, and how do u think that made a big enough impact to tear it apart for good? How do you think that they knew how to build cities that were so far advanced that they weren't outdone until the late 19th century in Europe? Special Thanks to Mr. Jackoboice and Ms. Tuttle!!