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In this little wiki we will find the importance of the Tigris/Euphrates Rivers to modern day mesopotamia, and answer any questions on the way.

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The Tigris Euphrates River is one of the great river systems in Southwest Asia. Obviously, this river system is comprised of both the Tigris River and the Euphrates River, whose sources are always within 50 miles of each other. These rivers flow through eastern Turkey, southeast through northern Syria and Iraq. The people of Syria use the Euphrates River for a source of water. The river finally ends up emptying into the Persian Gulf. The land that these rivers compliment is called Mesopotamia, which means the land between the rivers. The Euphrates River is the one that is closer to the west, and the Tigris River is the one that is closest to Iran. Some important cities that are located in Mesopotamia are Babylon and Nippur, which were both erected many years ago. Babylon was the capital of Babylonia, and Nippur was made to honor the Babylonian god Enlil, which is located about 100 miles south of Babylon. The Tigris River is about 1,180 miles long, and the Euphrates River is about 1,740 miles long. Also, not long ago, in 1973, Syria completed a dam called the Euphrates Dam. In 1990, Turkey built their own dam. They called it the Ataturk Dam. this was the first of many hydroelectric dams of many to come in future years. Also, most of Iraq's irrigation depends on the Tigris River.

Now, while researching and editing this wiki page, there where a few questions that we have come to ponder. A few of these questions are: What would Iraq, along with all the other countries that rely on these rivers, be like if the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers didn't exist? What would they use for a power source? How would the people find water?