Period 6 World Studies Jackoboice - Greek City-States Research Project

Due: Oct 3, 2010 @ 10pm CST
Note: Mr. Jackoboice recommends that you make a selection from the list of city-states below when choosing the polis that you are going to research in addition to Sparta. Spend at least 30 minutes searching for sources on any city-state that you select. Then, if you are concerned that there aren't enough credible sources on your topic, let Ms. Bruce know what you have tried (which databases have you used? what search terms have you experimented with?, etc.) Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM WIKIPEDIA, YAHOO ANSWERS, ETC. The challenge of this assignment is to conduct scholarly research. If you do not break a sweat while trying to complete this project, you're doing something wrong. :)

Due: Final Draft of Wikipage due 10/3/10 by 10PM CST
Be Prepared for Monday Harkness Discussion: Aside from Athens, which Greek Polis does Ensworth most resemble and in what manner?

Research Smart: Use the EHS Library resources first.

Library Databases and Credible Webpages-- don't forget, you must cite your work for this project to be complete.

  • Corinth (on map as Korinthos)
  • Delos (island)
  • Delphi
  • Marathon
  • Mykenae (on map as Mycenae)
  • Naxos (island)
  • Olympia
  • Pylos
  • Sikyon
  • Thebes
  • Thyra (island)

Here is how your Wikipage will be evaluated:

Click here to open Mr. Jackoboice's Powerpoint slideshow about the ancient Greek city-state (or polis) known as Athens. This will give you an idea of how detailed you should try to be as you gather data about the Government, Religion, Economics, Art/Architecture, Science/Technology, Education, & Social lives of the people who lived in ancient Greece and in one other city-state of your choosing.

Source: Viewed on 9/26/2010