BY: Thompson Hadden


Sparta had the most powerful military in all of Greece. The reason Sparta had such a good military was because they made sure that every baby boy that was born was strong and healthy. Spartan mothers would wipe their baby boy with wine after he was born so that he would be strong. After the age of seven a Spartan boy would be taken from his mother and would be given to the state where he would be thrown into a very disciplinary and military life style for twelve years. This place was called Agoge.


Sparta had a powerful government that was strongly based on military. There was a spartan king that was in charge of the military and a council that was in charge of passing laws. Women weren't aloud to be in the government but out of all the greek citites Spartan women had the most freedom.


Since birth Spartan people were taught to always be the strongest and the most fit. Sparta's whole entire life style revolved around being the best at everything they did whether it be in military, government, trading, or even farming. Sparta's main goal since it was founded was to be the most powerful city in Greece and some people might even say they were. Sparta is most famous for holding off a giant Persian army with only 7,000 men. When ever Sparta found a weakness that they had they would make sure that what ever the weakness was, they'd be good at it. Sparta always had a great ground army which was said to be the best in Greece and you could maybe even say the world at the time but Sparta's Navy wasn't very good, but after training with the navy a while they helped capture a naval victory against the Persians at the Battle of Salamis. This was an example of how Sparta wanted to be the best at everything.



Marathon was a Greek city, there was a very big battle in Marathon (Battle of Marathon), the Persions were defeated at Marathon, the word Nike was said at the battle which is now a very popular brand, Marathon was surrounded by water, one of the first recorded battles was fought at Marathon, the battle of Marathon was fought in 490 B.C., it has been 2500 years since the Battle at Marathon, the olympic running event comes from this city because of the 26 kilometers the Athen soldiers had to run at the battle of Marathon, the men of Marathon were good fishers, and if Marathon hadn't existed the history made at the battle of Marathon might have been different.



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