Ashley, Brittany, and Devo

Question 2: Were the leaders/people of your country satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty at the end of World War 1? Explain.

USA Government was very satisfied with the terms of the peace treaty to end the war. They were satisfied because they did not have to take fault for the war, and all the consequences were on Germany. Woodrow Wilson was not ok with the treaty because he had this whole proposition for the war, his 14 points. None of his idea came true, they kept getting shot down and nothing went the way he wanted. Great Britain did not like 13 out of his 14 points and the USA government didn’t like any of them at all. Woodrow wanted to have a peace treaty where there would be no winners and no losers and no one would have consequences. All the alliances wanted Germany to pay. They wanted Germany to be the main cause of Germany, because they just wanted to destroy it. The USA just signed the Treaty of Versailles to end the war and everything become better and more peaceful, even though Woodrow didn’t want to.