Ancient Nile River Valley Civilization By: Abi Jones and Leah Hayes McAlister

Aspects of Life in Ancient Egypt
The Nile River Valley Civilization is one of the oldest known river valley inhabited areas, dates going back to 3000BC. The two ancient river civilizations are Nubia and Egypt. Trade was convenient for ancient Egyptians, items such as ivory, ostrich eggs, gold and leopard skins were brought into the Nile River region during this time. As well as items passing through Egypt, the convenience of the 4,184 mile long river lead to the Lebonese inhabiting the area. During the floods boats in the Nile would run a pace of six miles and hour, whereas in the dryer season, boats would travel at 1.5 miles per hour.

The Nile River
Mask of Pharaoh

Aspects of Life:

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*Religion: Egyptians that lived on the Nile believed it was the center of the world. There were many cult centers that developed where the river split into two large arms at the delta of the Nile. They believed that the soul of those who have perished had to cross the Nile before entering the kingdom of the dead.

*Trade: Egyptians exported goods like pottery,linens, papyrus and lentils.
They imported silver, copper minerals and horses regularly.
The northern trade route- divided into two branches: one through Palestine along the Mediterranean
coast, the second ran through Megiddo.
Another route was Hazor along the Litani River and downstream along the Orontes River.
The southern route-ran from Asiut to Tomas, Nubia.

*Language/Writing: One of the better known aspects of life of the people in the ancient Nile River Valley is the use of hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are pictures that represent words or sounds. Ancient Egyptians were some of the first people to use a written language.
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Other Questions:

1. How many meals would a typical Egyptian eat per day?

2. What was housing life for a lower class person in the Nile River Valley Civilization?

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